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Peachey Constructions has conducted earthmoving in all types of ground conditions, although has specialised in working in soft, wet ground conditions typical of waterfront construction. With the advent of more stringent environmental restraints the company has become accomplished in the management and treatment of adverse environmental conditions, particularly Acid Sulphate Soils.

The company has completed civil works, including construction of roads and services. With the aid of an experienced civil engineer and currently employed civil foremen, Peachey Construction has the knowledge and resources to carry out civil construction activities as well as earthworks.

Peachey Constructions have been appointed the principle contractor on many projects and have managed sub-contractors for civil construction activities including civil works, golf course construction and electrical reticulation.

Peachey Constructions are constantly evaluating new technology that may assist in delivering projects for a competitive price and within the required time frame. One such technology that has been implemented is the use of GPS (Global Positioning System). The GPS system uses information from satellites to determine position and elevation on a project. As well as GPS hand held survey equipment, GPS has been installed on certain Dozers and Excavators.

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